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​GLAMP SORA Terms of Use

In order for our guests to use our facilities safely and comfortably and to maintain the public nature of our hotel, we have established the following usage rules that are integrated with the accommodation agreement.
If this rule is violated, the accommodation contract may be canceled according to the provisions of Article 6 of the accommodation agreement.

Clause 1 Prohibitions and precautions when using this facility

  1. About the entire facility

    1. Environmental symbiosis type facility
      GLAMP SORA is an environment symbiotic facility. We make maximum use of the nature of the site, such as biodiversity, and various creatures live in nature.
      Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

    2. When using facilities

      • Prohibition of entry into other accommodation spaces
        Please do not enter the accommodation space where other guests are present.
        If you are traveling with children, please be aware of their movements.

      • Do not enter the surrounding fields.

      • Silent time (quiet time)
        After 22:00 is silent time.
        In addition, we will turn on light lighting to ensure safety, but the area around the pond is dark and slippery due to rain and night dew. Please be careful when approaching.

      • Please refrain from bringing audio equipment (including speakers/musical instruments) into the venue.

      • Prohibition of entering and swimming in the pond in the facility
        Please be especially careful if you are traveling with children.

      • Non-designated areas and indoor areas are completely non-smoking (no cigarettes are sold on the premises).
        Please smoke in designated areas. Ashtrays are not provided, so please take your cigarette butts home with you.

      • Open fire/open fire is prohibited in the facility

      • Refusal to bring parasols, tarps, etc.

    3. others

      • Refusal of use by gangsters and those with tattoos

      • Prohibition of acts that cause inconvenience to other customers
        If you do something that causes trouble, we will warn you from this facility. In that case, please improve it as soon as possible. If you don't see any improvement, please leave.

      • This facility is usually open every day, but if you cannot enjoy glamping safely due to bad weather or disasters, we may stop using it and move to evacuation.

      • When using this facility, the facility does not take any responsibility for accidents caused by the user's own carelessness, or accidents caused by factors that cannot be avoided beyond the scope of risk prevention actions within the facility.

  2. About each facility

    1. Management and storage of valuables, belongings, etc.

      • Please manage valuables and expensive items by yourself. The facility shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or other damage to the goods, cash, valuables, or expensive items brought into the facility by the customer, unless there is intentional or gross negligence on the part of the facility. I can't.

      • Storage of ingredients, etc. at night
        The area around the facility is rich in nature. Lots of insects/wildlife. Please keep the ingredients for the night or in the room. (We are taking measures, but please understand that pests may come depending on the season.)

    2. Availability and use of shower rooms, toilets, washrooms, and multi-purpose toilets

      • Multipurpose toilets are available 24 hours a day.

      • Shower room and toilet roomAvailable from 15:00 to 23:00 and from 6:00 to 10:00.

      • Face towels and bath towels are provided in the shower room and toilet room.

    3. About meals

      • Regarding meals, please refrain from cooking other ingredients by bringing them in.
        However, you may bring your own food for infants, such as baby food and milk.

      • Dinner will be served from 17:00 until the last start at 18:00. Please come to the administration building at the designated time. Meals may be served at another designated location due to inclement weather. note that.

      • Breakfast time is from 6:30 am to the last start at 9:00 am. When the time comes, please come to the administration building. (If you would like other times, please ask at the front desk.)

      • Please be careful when handling firearms. Make sure the fire is extinguished after use. Again, please refrain from cooking other ingredients.

    4. About accommodation

      • For your safety, please lock the door when you leave the room.

      • Please ask the front desk to store valuables.

Section 2 General prohibitions and precautions when using the facility

  1. The following acts are strictly prohibited within the accommodation facility.

    1. Use of firearms and other electrical appliances for heating and cooking

    2. Smoking in beds, other fire-prone areas, and other than designated areas of the hotel

    3. Noisy acts such as singing songs, dispersing odors, and other acts that cause disgust or inconvenience to third parties

    4. Bringing in the following items

      • Animals, birds, etc. (excluding guide dogs, etc.)

      • Drugs whose possession is prohibited by law, such as stimulants and narcotics

      • Explosives and volatile oils that are easily ignitable or flammable, and chemicals that may harm the body

      • Firearms, swords and similar items with or without permits

      • Items that are extremely large or heavy

      • foul-smelling

      • Garbage and items that interfere with hygiene in the guest room

      • Items such as electric appliances and cooking utensils intended for use within the accommodation facility

      • Other items prohibited by the hotel from being brought into guest rooms

    5. Acts contrary to public order and morals

    6. Acts of distributing leaflets, handbills or other advertising materials to other customers

    7. Moving, processing, or taking out various facilities and goods in the hall, and using them for purposes other than their original purpose

    8. Leaving belongings outside the guest room

    9. Entering non-guest facilities

    10. Taking delivery of food and drinks from facilities other than those permitted by the accommodation facility

    11. Use of hair dye, bleach, etc. in the shower room

    12. Burning incense in the guest room

    13. activities for profit

    14. All other acts that hinder safety and hygiene within the accommodation facility.

  2. The following actions in the guest room are strictly prohibited.

    1. Use for purposes other than lodging

    2. Guest room meeting with a visitor

    3. Posting pictures, posters, or other items that detract from the appearance of the hotel on the windows of guest rooms.

  3. If the guest room key is lost, the full cost of the key replacement work will be charged.

  4. How to use the parking lot

    1. The number of parking spaces is limited to one per person.

    2. As a general rule, guests can use the facilities from the time of arrival until the check-out time determined by the accommodation facility.

    3. In principle, car washing in the parking lot is prohibited.

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