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Limited to 3 groups per day, please enjoy the air-conditioned dome tent while being surrounded by a spacious 7m diameter space. You can spend a luxurious time while looking at the magnificent view of Mt. Tokachi from inside the dome tent. Enjoy a luxurious natural experience in a dome tent with Mt. Tokachi spreading out in front of you.



2 to 4 people
Room area 38 square meters (diameter 7M)
​Number of beds 4 single beds

Located in a prime location where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Mt. Tokachi. The dome tent, which features high ceilings and spacious spaces, offers a comfortable and luxurious time. The interior is beautifully designed with comfortable beds and air conditioning. There is a large window in the front, so you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sunrise and sunset.

* Each dome tent has a different interior and curtain color. Please note that room selection is not possible as room assignments will be made in the order in which reservations are made.

*Two single beds can be converted into a king bed. Please write in the remarks column if necessary.


​ Lotus tent

First appearance in Hokkaido, lotus tent limited to 4 groups per day. A large tent with a round shape like an onion. You can enjoy various experiences while feeling the breath of nature that changes with the seasons with your loved ones. Enjoy a special time with your family while enjoying nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.



2 to 4 people
Room area 19.62 square meters (diameter 5M)
​Number of beds 4 single beds

Introducing the Lotus Tent, a limited offering of 4 bookings per day in Hokkaido. The tent's distinctive onion-shaped design blends in with the pristine scenery of Nakafurano. Enjoy a variety of experiences with your loved ones while feeling the breath of nature in every season. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and savor a special time in the heart of nature.

This spacious tent, with a diameter of 5 meters, allows you to lie down and gaze at the starry sky through the skylight. The tent is also equipped with a canopy to protect your privacy. It can accommodate up to 4 guests and the two single beds in the middle can be combined into a king-sized bed upon request (please indicate in the remarks column).



2 people
Room area 19.62 square meters (diameter 5M)
​Number of beds 2 single beds

A large tent with a round shape that makes you feel as if you are staying in onions, a specialty of Nakafurano. It is a large space with a diameter of 5m, and when you lie on the bed, you can see the sky full of stars from the skylight. It also has an awning, so you can protect your privacy. Spacious space, recommended for 2 people! With a king bed, this tent is perfect for couples and families with small children. (This tent can accommodate up to 2 people)

Stargazer (2 people)




Gender-segregated shower room toilet washroom

It is fully equipped with washstands for men and women, shower rooms, and toilet facilities, and there is also a multi-purpose toilet that can be used 24 hours a day.

Spacious space, face towels and bath towels are also installed in the washroom.

​Facility information



check out

~ 10:00


free parking

Room facilities & supplies

Small refrigerator, circulator, Wi-Fi, outlet, bed, hanger rack, hangers, shoe rack, low table, cushion, trash can, lantern (April, May, September, October Kotatsu, fan heater)

Separate building common facilities

Shower room for men and women, dressing room, toilet, vanity, hair dryer

Annex - Amenities

Bath towel, face towel, shampoo, body soap, conditioner, hand soap

Amenities to choose from

Toothbrush, cup, lotion, milky lotion, cotton swab, cotton, razor, brush, makeup remover, face wash

Suburban hot spring information

​ Nakafurano famous hot spring "Wanka no Yu" Business hours 10:00-22:00 (reception closes at 21:00)
We sell discount tickets. Please ask at the front desk.

​What to bring

・We do not have pajamas, so please bring your own.

・Because it gets light early in the morning, we recommend that you bring an eye mask.

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