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cancellation policy

20% from 7 days ago

30% from 3 days ago

50% from the previous day

On the day / 100% in case of no-show

Are pets allowed?

We apologize, but we currently do not allow pets. In the unlikely event that you bring your pet with you, we will guide you to a nearby pet hotel.


Check-in: 15:00-17:00

Please be sure to contact us if you will arrive later than 17:00.

Check out: 10:00

About belongings

Basically, amenities, food, and drinks are provided, so you don't have to bring anything. One thing: We do not have room wear available, so please bring whatever you like.

​About bringing in

Due to the guidance of public health centers and the Food Sanitation Act, we ask that you refrain from bringing food items into the restaurant during meals. If you bring your own drinks during your meal, a 3,000 yen corkage fee will be charged per table.You are free to bring it into your room. However, cooking is prohibited.

Can I have fireworks?

We also sell fireworks you bring with you or at the front desk. Only hand-held fireworks can be used.

​About payment

​Accommodation fees are generally paid in advance by credit card. You can use various credit cards and electronic money to pay for drinks, etc. locally.

Regarding clothing and temperature

May:   6℃~18℃|

June: 11℃~22℃|

July: 20℃~32℃|

August: 16℃~36℃|

September:  6℃~30℃|

October: 3℃~29℃|

*The above is the annual average minimum to maximum temperatures in Furano.

Please be aware that there is a large difference in temperature between day and night. It's also important to be aware of the temperature differences between your planned activities and location, and bring appropriate clothing. If necessary, prepare for changing temperatures by carrying a lightweight jacket or sweater.

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