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The best hospitality from nature

Green Season business period: May 1st to October 30th, 2024

Now accepting popular reservations

2024.03.24     [2024 Green Season Reservations Now Accepting]

2024.03.20     April 1st to April 30th Maintenance closed period



Room outside, nature inside the room"
In the morning surrounded by mountains, you can sleep comfortably under the starry sky, enjoy a BBQ on the terrace while feeling the pleasant breeze, and spend a luxurious time away from the city with your loved ones.



We offer "the best hospitality from nature" where you can feel the beauty, richness and harshness of Nakafurano's nature, and spend a special time with a special person through food and play.


Equal to eating Furano, SORA's ingenuity makes meals that appreciate nature.



Spend a luxurious time watching the children play while gazing at Mt. Tokachi!



What is Glamping?

Glamping is a coined word that combines “glamorous” and “camping,” which means “elegant,” and refers to a new style of travel that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in luxury.

Glamping by SORA

We want you to experience through nature and feel peace of mind by doing more experiences together. That is the SORA glamping that we envisioned.



Japanese husband, Taiwanese me and my 4 year old son
​A family of three

I came to Japan in 2013, met my husband at my work place in Hokkaido, Hoshino Resort Tomamu, and moved to Furano in 2017. With my husband by my side, I was able to support the dream I had for a long time, and it was finally opened in 2022. SORA is a crystal that we created.

Please enjoy SORA!


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